Stop stern tube water ingress

Address your water ingress and leakages with our ABCON MARINE STERN TUBE SL
products – no dry-docking, continue operation!

Stern Tube Water Ingress

Water ingress damages the system as it causes less lubricity and more corrosion. In ABCON, we offer a simple, easy and efficient solution adressing this issue. By adding 5-10% (by volume) of our STERN TUBE SL (Stop Leak) to the existing system oil, the content developed from teflon and other complex particles, create a barrier on the surface of the damaged seal ring. This stops water ingress and leakages.

​We have a broad assortment of products that work with all types of stern tubes. They all stop leakages and water ingress in stern tube seals and other similar systems, where mineral based engine oil or Bio degradable oil is used.

Lip Seals

  • With smaller leakages (below 15 liters/day), we reccommend our ABCON MARINE STERN TUBE SL.
  • With larger leakages (between 15-50 liters/day), we suggest our ABCON MARINE STERN TUBE SLL
  • With major leakages (between 50-100 liters/day), we advise you to buy our ABCON MARINE STERN


The SLL and SLLL products have the same properties as the SL, but contains larger and more complex particles which is more efficient against larger leakages.

​Face Seals

For face seals, we have our ABCON MARINE-STERN TUBE CSL which is designed to stop leaks and water ingress in small and large Cedervall type seals (below 100 liters/day).


The high content of teflon particles produce a teflon layer where the seal ring is damaged. consequently, the water ingress / leakage is significantly reduced or stopped all together when our product is added. With water in the lube oil, the stern tube paste will provide a substantial safety margin, as teflon maintains its lubrication properties even in water. Furthermore, our products reduce wear and tear and protect against corrosion.

​They can be blended with all types of mineral lubrication oil and can be used with all types of stern tube seal materials.

Bio Based Versions

​Our products are also available in Bio degradable oil based versions with both saturated and unsaterated ester. They all comply with the 2013 EPA VGP requirements as environmentally acceptable. Depending on the degree of water ingress, we provide consultance in terms of how you should handle your equipment and apply our products. For more infomation about our Bio products click here.

Our products are easy to handle and can be applied by the staff on board the vessel.

Still Have Questions?​

If you have any questions about your case, please, do not hesitate to contact us. We provide individual consultance based on your specific situation. If you want more detailed product information or need a professional perspective on your case, please, contact us by e-mail:

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