Thruster Water Ingress

Stop water ingress and leakages in your thrusters with our ABCON MARINE-THRUSTER Stop Leak products. Reduce wear and tear and continue operation without dry-docking. 

Water ingress

Water ingress is damaging to the system as it causes less lubricity and more corrosion. Our THRUSTER Stop Leak product is a stop leak paste that stops water ingress.

​All our THRUSTER Stop Leak products have hydraulic oil as base oil. As a result, they are compatible with gear and hydraulic oil and can, therefore, be used on fixed propellers and CPP propeller systems. In addition, it protects the bearings and seals against wear and tear, thus, reduces the risk of future water ingress. We also deliver to rotating thrusters both Azimuth and Azipod. The products are available in mineral oil and EAL (Environmental Acceptable Lubricant) versions.

Lip Seals (mineral oil systems)
  • Leakage (below 0.5 liters/hour): ABCON MARINE-THRUSTER SL 
  • Leakage (between 0.5-2 liters/hour):  ABCON MARINE-THRUSTER SLL
  • Leakage (between 2-4 liters/hour): ABCON MARINE-THRUSTER SLLL
Bio Based (EAL) Versions

​Our products are also available in Biodegradable oil-based versions with saturated or unsaturated ester. They all comply with the 2013 EPA VGP requirements as environmentally acceptable. Depending on the degree of water ingress, we provide consultancy in terms of how you should handle your equipment and apply our products. For more information about our Bioproducts click here.

All products are easy to handle and can be applied by the staff onboard the vessel.


By adding on of our ABCON MARINE-THRUSTER Stop Leak products, a layer of Teflon particles will create a barrier around the leaking seal which stops water ingress and leakages. 

​When the product is blended with the existing system oil, the blend constitutes excellent lubrication, which due to the Teflon particles, maintains the lubricating effect even with saltwater in the oil.

Still Have Questions?
If you have any questions about your case, please, do not hesitate to contact us. We provide individual consultancy based on your specific situation. If you want more detailed product information or need a professional perspective on your case, please, contact us by e-mail.

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