Hydraulic Leak

Fix hydraulic leak with ABCON HYDRAULICS Stop Leak and maintenance products, specifically, developed for hydraulic systems.


HYDRAULICS+ is a Teflon-based wear-reducing additive. When adding a small volume of the product to the existing lube oil, reduces the friction between mating surfaces, especially, where there is metal to metal contact.

​The smaller Teflon particles impregnate the metal surfaces which leads to reduced friction and wear.


Leaking hydraulic systems can easily be treated by adding a small volume of HYDRAULICS SL to the system.

​The high content of complex particles produces a barrier when they pass the leaking seal area such as the moving cylinders. The effect is that the leakage is stopped or dramatically reduced.


ABCON MARINE HYDRAULICS SLL (Stop Leak Large particles) is for leaking hydraulic systems where the leakage is more severe.

​It has a composition of larger complex particles that produce a barrier when they pass the leaking seal area such as the moving cylinders. The effect is that the leakage is dramatically reduced or even stopped.

Bio Based Versions

Our products are also available in Biodegradable oil-based versions with both saturated and unsaturated ester. They all comply with the 2013 EPA VGP requirements as environmentally acceptable. For more information about our Bioproducts click here

​Our products are easy to use and can be applied by the staff onboard the vessel.

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