B Series EAL Products

Due to legislation, USA and EU require environmentally acceptable lubricants on sub-sea equipment. Consequently, we have developed a full product line of Stop Leak and wear-reducing additives based on EAL (Environmental Acceptable Lubricant).

​Our biodegradable oil-based products – called the ABCON B Series – are based on the saturated or unsaturated ester. The B Series was developed in cooperation with our customers and, subsequently, tested on their vessels. 

EPA Rules

All our Bio additives are based on biodegradable oil and, therefore, comply with the 2013 EPA VGP legislation. Bio additives cannot be blended with mineral oil and still comply with the EPA rules. Furthermore, oil companies do not recommend blending biodegradable oils with mineral oils.

ABCON B Series can stop leakages while ensuring the vessel continues to comply with both the US EPA VGP and the EU Ecolabel.

Product Categories

Our B-Series are divided into two categories. The BSSL, which stands for Bio Saturated Stop Leak, is based on a Saturated Ester. The BUSL, which stands for Bio Unsaturated Stop Leak, is based on an Unsaturated Ester. This ensures that we have products that are compatible with the system oil while continuing to meet class requirements.


Our specifically designed Teflon particles create a barrier in the gap between the rubber seal and shaft surface which stops the leakage.

​All our products are delivered as a concentrated paste which results in a lower product price and lower transportation cost. It also makes it easy to handle and blend the additive with system oil by the staff on board which ensures that the vessel does not lose time on its schedule.

​Since 2010, we have delivered the B series and, successfully, helped vessels all over the world.

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If you have any questions or need a written guarantee of compliance, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.

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